Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogs have gone to "the Dogs" !!

I love finding interesting blogs and reading about different things.  Yesterday I just happened upon a "dog blog" that is written completely by two loveable and sassy K-9's named "LuLu and Lolly".  2 Maltese that have their very own website and their very own blog.  LuLu and Lolly's website helps raise money for Maltese rescues.   LuLu and Lolly's Blog

I had a good laugh reading about some of the trouble these 2 get themselves into, there was even a great story about a trip to Vegas and "borrowing" their human's credit cards (you won't want to miss that one).  As a Maltese owner myself I am partial to the breed.  Our Sissee Louise actually runs our home, as I am sure is a fact that many dog owners will attest to.  Sissee has "staff", not "owners"!  LOL...our lives tend to revolve around her needs at any given moment.

LuLu and Lolly stopped by another Maltese website and commented on a picture of Sissee in her life jacket standing on the dock, that is how we "met" them!  So if you get the chance and need a good laugh, stop by their website, read their blog (completely written by them) and be prepared to be amazed by these two!

And while you are there, their 2009 calendars are 50% off right now, buy one and help a rescue because every Maltese (as well as every dog)  needs a loving home!!  LuLu and Lolly's Road Trip Calendar

A fellow "Etsian" uses their shop to help rescues too.  BeadedTail 

Her Etsy shop is filled with the most beautiful jewelery.  "We make beaded jewelry for animal lovers with a portion of ALL sales proceeds benefiting animal awareness causes."  Please stop by and see her amazing jewelry, make a purchase and help an animal!!

Now we're off to see some pictures of LuLu and Lolly turning into a couple of evil "Skwirrls"....oooo, scary.... 

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BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the kind words Melana! Also thanks for introducing another fun dog blog to me! I enjoy reading blogs written by dogs and cats so I'll have to check out LuLu and Lolly's Blog!