Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Year Today...

One year ago today we were blessed with grandchild #10, Zeke Landon Olson.  He came into this world with a basket full of problems and a Mother and family that loved him with a love that no one could imagine.  We prayed then and we continue to pray for him and his health concerns.

Today is Zeke's birthday, "Zeker" as we so lovingly call him.  The past year has been fraught with scares, tears, prayers and often thanks and smiles.  Zeke has come a long, long way......every day we are reminded of his fragile condition but over time we have been able to see beyond that and have dared to dream of Zeke and his future happiness and health.

Zeke has finally gotten to some fabulous Doctors that have taken incredible care of him and have been able to keep him going and allow him to progress, to grow, to smile and to be a happy 1 year old baby.  We also pray for them each night!

I have watched as his Mother has gained the strength she needs to take care of him 24/7.  She has gone from a frightened Mother to a woman that has more inner strength, belief and confidence than I ever thought she would have.  Not because I thought she didn't have those qualities but because of the depth of his problems and the sleep deprivation she has endured the last year.  She is the strongest woman I have been through so much and still smile at some things that many of us take for granted.....a baby's first smile, first time they sit up, first tooth, first time crawling and first word.  She never gave up on Zeke...EVER!!  I so admire her.

Happy Birthday baby Zeke, you are the bright penny in our lives, our sunshine, our happiness and our love... you'll have many, many more.

I Love You,
Your Nana

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Sun Visor!

Well, Mom said I could use the computer and blog about the newest addition to my wardrobe.  I got a brand spanking new HOT PINK Visor and bandanna set!  It is just to stinking cute!  Mom was wandering around Etsy the other night and happened to come across this Etsy shop called  HAPPY HOUNDS  and I gotta be honest here and say that at this very moment I am one "Happy Hound".

You see, I go out on the Pontoon boat and Jet Ski a lot and the sun is always in my eyes...I mean the sun shining off the water is so bright.  Mom tried those stupid doggy sun goggles (boy, were those things lame) and nothing really worked.  It would be to tight, to loose, choked me, flew off into the water or just looked like (well, I'm sticking my paw down my throat right now).  I am SO happy Mom found  HAPPY HOUNDS!

My visor set came in today's mail and I thought "well, here we go again".  Mom put my visor on and it fit just perfect!  Nothing "grabbed" me anywhere and I love the color.  It even came with this hot pink rose on the front...LOVE that part!  Mom thought for sure that I'd have it off and ripped up in a heartbeat...but you know, I really love this visor!  I mean, look at my picture, it really looks good on me doesn't it?

Anyway, Mom wanted me to add that the lady that made my set, Tammy, was just as sweet as can be.  She emailed Mom right away to make sure of the size and let her pick out the material she liked.  She even emailed and let Mom know when it was mailed for gosh sakes!  When it came Mom was really impressed with the quality and workmanship (and Mom doesn't get impressed easily since she sews too)!

We just had to try it out so I wore it out on the lake on the Jet Ski.  It worked just PERFECT, the sun stayed out of my beautiful brown eyes and Mom didn't have to drive back and pick it up out of the water because it stayed on really good....and she drove REALLY FAST to make sure (I love it when she drives fast).

So if you are having trouble with the sun in your eyes when your out walking or swimming or chasing the neighbors cat...ask your Mom to shop over at HAPPY HOUNDS and pick you up some great gear!  Mom said she was going to go over there and buy some more....and some things are on sale right now too!

I give my new Visor set a "paws up"!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Each Friday the Etsy Angels will be featuring some great gift ideas. Many are brand new listings, some are on sale and others, well, they're just fabulous! Visit the Angels blog each Friday for gift KNOW the holidays are just around the corner!

Cute as a button crocheted hats.

Ballerina Babies, darling little friends for your little girl!

This thoughtful and meaningful gift will be treasured by the receiver!

Darling small drawstring bags in Halloween colors.

Beautiful new earrings.

Sweet new bib and burp cloth set for baby girls.

Love this new lavender and aqua color scheme.

Beautifully hand crafted card, let them know how special you think they are.

"Spicy" new Cinnamon earrings!

You'll love these cotton facial scrubbies!

A beautiful layette for that very special new Angel.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~♥ Etsy Angel's Show Support to Helping Hands Homeless Shelter♥~

Helping Hands Mascot created by ByNanasHands

Have you ever been homeless? Not many of us have to answer that with a "yes". But, in the current economy and with jobs being eliminated almost daily a lot more people WILL answer "yes" to that question.

In a small town in rural Missouri there is a homeless shelter named "Helping Hands". It actually ran on a total budget last year of only $35,000. The shelter "averaged" 20 people per day for a total of 6,807 bed nights. Think about your own family, could you care for 20 people each day for an entire year on $35,000? I imagine it would be very difficult.

Helping Hands shelters men/women and children as well as families. Ron Estep, Treasurer and member of Helping Hands Board of Directors...

“People seem to have this notion that homelessness is self-inflicted,” said Ron. “Sometimes it is. Once in a great while we see someone who, through conscious decisions about drugs or alcohol or gainful employment, you would have to say is homeless by choice. But by far, most of the clients we serve are homeless because of circumstances beyond their control. They are members of the Lake community, not strangers passing through, who need a hand up. Helping Hands is there to temporarily fill that void, providing a roof over their head, sustenance, and a bed to sleep in.” "The goal for each resident is independence. We help them achieve independence, but we’re not a dumping ground. I compare it with road signs like you see along the highway. We help them understand what they need to do and we help them do it, but the final goal is the exit sign when you’ve reached your destination.”

Helping Hands does what it can to help people get back on track. If a person has a drug or alcohol problem they must attend classes for their addictions. They must work and they must save 75% of their income while staying at the shelter. This savings helps them move on to independence and a place of their own.

The Etsy Angels have chosen Helping Hands Homeless Shelter as their August charity fundraiser. Each member pledges a percentage of their sales for the entire month. The money raised will go directly to Helping Hands. Please visit the stores listed below and make a purchase today and help the Angels lend a "helping hand" to this very worthwhile charity.

Ozarknana - 75% of every Helping Hands "EXIT" mascot (see picture above) and 20% of everything else in the shop sold.

BeadedTail - 20% of all sales in my shop

SewingGranny - 20% of all sales in my shop.

MamaJody54 - 20% of all sales

CBLandCompany - 20% of Jewelery sales designated by Lisa

Handjstarcreations - 20% of all sales in Helping Hands section

- 10% of all sales

Maranda - 10% of all sales

Wildlifer78- 15% of all August Sales

MountainEagleCrafter - 10% of all August Sales

SerenitySac - 10% of all August Sales

Angel Helpers for August
Starwaves - 10% of all sales