Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Author Robert Brault.....Words to Live By...

I love Robert Brault.  I have often posted Robert's quotes personally on FaceBook and to my Christian Friends Team.  Robert has a "way with words" that often make one stop and ponder their meaning.  So many times I've been searching for a quote to "fit" my mood, or something I may be going through at the time and I find exactly what I was looking for.  I lean on this particular quote of his quite often.  "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."  How true is that.

I guess you get to a certain age you suddenly realize how many "little things" you've spent precious time worrying about your entire life.  Being over 21 (WAY over) you start looking back and wondering where in the heck time went.  Seems like yesterday when the boys were little, driving me crazy while I was cooking, getting every single piece of the clothing they had dirty which lead to SO much laundry.  Then on the "flip side" I remember my middle child Jason, now a father of 4 with a beautiful wife, standing under the clothesline crying, hanging on to his wet blanket.  Your "memories" change from all the day to day stuff to those really important things you MUST remember.

Robert worked very hard on a project all Summer and into Fall.  It was a "leap of faith" for him and for the publishing company that took the project on.  He now has a beautiful calendar with pictures that just make you feel the stress leave your body and a set of note cards that match the calendar.  If you want to pick up a meaningful gift for someone on your Christmas gift list pick one (or more) of these.  They make the perfect gift, thoughtful, thought provoking, peaceful and beautiful.  You don't need batteries, they don't require assembly and they won't be the wrong size!

You'll find the order information here:  2012 Calendars and Note Cards

I count myself very lucky to have struck up a "friendship" of sorts with Robert.  He is a very wise man that loves life and is very passionate about what he does.  Talent comes easy to him, well, at least he makes it look easy.  He is not unapproachable, reads all the comments on his blog and appreciates everyone that stops to read or to just say hi.  Stop by and read some of his blog...I can guarantee you it's addicting and you'll find yourself smiling, laughing and sometimes thinking deeply about what you've read.

Thank you Robert for sharing yourself with us.  We appreciate it more than you will ever know. 

*The pictures here were "lifted" from Robert's own blog...I take no credit for them.  If I knew who took them I would give THEM credit.