Friday, November 14, 2008

What Is a Safe Toy?

What constitutes a "safe toy"? NO toy is "safe" unless Mom or Dad is standing right there supervising baby! But, we don't always do that do we! ByNanasHands toys are as "safe" as I could make them! The fabric is pre-washed in a detergent with no dyes, or scents added, the ribbons and rick-rack has had the raw edges "heat sealed" to prevent fraying and they have been sewn into the seams 3 times. The eyes, dots, mouths, decorations are all embroidered on so there is nothing removable. This also extends to my "Tools for Toddlers" sets. Everything is soft, fleece, flannel or minkee fabric. No cardboard or plastics are used to "stiffen" if baby falls on anything they will NOT be hurt by the toys. So feel good about purchasing a toy from ByNanasHands....they were made with baby in mind, with extreme care and, as always, with love!