Monday, January 19, 2009

Etsy Pulls My CPSIA Listing!

I can't understand why Etsy, that professes to care about the issues surrounding all it's merchants of children's items, pulling my CPSIA listing.  There is a group of sellers of children's items on Etsy that have joined together to "protest" the CPSIA Law which goes into effect on February 10, 2009.

This law will force small artisans, stay at home mom's, grandmothers and grandfathers that create items for children 12 and under to have their "final" products tested by a Third Party certified testing lab.  The costs are staggering!  

My listing for my Tools for Tots-Tool box, with the required testing fees, would sky rocket to $10,940.00!  My normal charge is $20.  This is the ACTUAL price I would have to charge to recover the testing fees, plus my usual $20 price tag.  Below you will find the actual listing as posted in my store on Etsy.

"CPSIA INSPIRED SPECIAL-Tools for Tots-Baby/Toddler Tool Box   $10,940.00

Be the first to purchase the new CPSIA Inspired Tools for Tots Tool Box! I can just about guarantee you you'll be the first parent on the block to own this beauty.....and we KNOW that YOUR baby is well worth the price!

Based on the new CPSIA law which goes into effect on February 10, 2009, and using the current costs for testing this tool box is a steal!

My Tool for Tots Tool Box has a grand total of 26 "different" follows:

* 6 different fabrics
* 17 different embroidery and regular sewing threads
* 1 kind of interfacing
* 1 hypoallergenic polyfil stuffing
* 1 length of belt webbing for handle

At $70 PER COMPONENT for lead testing, that adds $1,820.00 to the cost. PLUS each of the 26 components need to be tested for phthalates at $350 per component which adds an additional $9,100.00. Add that to the "true" cost of the Tools for Tots tool box, at $20.00 and you have a total of $10,940.00

Jump on this listing because at this price it won't last long!! NOT !!!!

And I am offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere on this item, how can you go wrong!!

For further information, please read:

cotton flannel, fleece, cotton thread, poly embroidery thread, belt webbing, interfacing, stuffing

Item ships from: United States
ship to:
• United States: $0.00 ($0.00 if shipped with another item)
Payment Methods  
accepts the following forms of payment:
PayPal Credit Cards

So YOU be the judge, what terms of use did I violate?  It is a true item, already made and ready to ship, and that is what the actual cost WILL BE IF THIS LAW IS NOT AMENDED !!


BeadedTail said...

Sorry to hear this happened to you Ozark. It sounds like Etsy is burying its head in the sand if they think the truth of what will happen is this law passes shouldn't be known. I think what you did should get more people to speak up against this law so not sure why Etsy would do the opposite. Your listing sure got my attention regarding that law.

Aunt Cindy said...

This is insane! No idea why they pulled your listing. Mine is still up & I don't see any differences. I hope they give you a real answer soon!

grecowoodcrafting said...

I am so sorry they pulled your listing. Things like this only add to the level of frustration you must be feeling :(


woolies said...

did you ever get an explanation??

LittleSpots said...

What a great idea. Boo on Etsy for pulling it.

glutenfreegirl said...

THAT SUCK! Mine is still up (though I did get a warning). This is so pathetic that we as a country cant even get THIS straight.

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Ozarknana...this is soooo wrong...if those components are available they should be all ready for us to use why do we need to retest!!!! I am glad you relisted your tool set!!

HurricaneLiz said...

Sooo... what options are left, local retailers, ebay? Or is ebay pulling that stuff too? I thought the problem was with imported Chinese toys, not handmade things that are up to as high a standard as you have. Thought we were trying to stimulate our economy, so what now, we stimulate foreign manufactories that can afford those tests? Great.