Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Angels Fall Fundraiser-Breast Cancer Awareness....

Breast Cancer.  I really hate those 2 words.  I have lost loved ones to this disease, I have seen friends fight it, heard of young mothers wondering if they will see their children grow up.  I have listened to stories of countless people that have been diagnosed with it....many of these stories from friends or family members that speak softly of those lost.....But I have also heard stories of those that fought the good fight and have made it....they were able to beat this disease down, stomp it into the earth, dust themselves off and turn and walk away from it.

Breast Cancer.  I think it is safe to say that in our lifetimes we will either know someone that has/had it or heard of someone that has/had it.  It touches so many.  Only with careful screening, self awareness, regular mammography and research will we see the numbers fall.

In 2011, it is estimated that within the U.S.:
  • There will be 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer.
  • There will be 57,650 new cases of in situ breast cancer.
  • There will be 39,520 breast cancer deaths. 
I don't like these all....  Research is expensive but without it we don't have a fighting chance!  So, please.........
  • Do monthly one knows your body better than you do.
  • Have a yearly exam with your Doctor, no, nobody likes to go but consider the alternative.
  • Get "squished" yearly!  Get that Mammogram!  And if you cannot afford it there are places within your own communities that can help you pay for them.  Contact your local American Cancer Society or search on Google for help in your area.
  • Eat a healthy diet, exercise, quit smoking.....
  • If you think there is something wrong...DON'T STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND HOPE IT GOES AWAY BECAUSE IT WON'T!  And the longer you wait the less your chances are of beating it! 
Be there for a friend or loved one going through this.  Go with them to treatments if you can, drop them a card, send a small gift that can help their treatment times go by quickly.  Call them, let them know your there for them.  Their attitudes can affect their treatments!

Here are some links that you might like to keep around...visit them and bookmark them, pass them on!

National Breast Cancer Organization



Susan G. Komen

And if you'd like, the Etsy Angels are raising money all through October for Breast Cancer non-profit groups in each Angels own hometown.  Join us, help us by making a purchase from any (or all) of the Angel Shops listed here in our blog  The Etsy Angels "Think Pink" October Fundraiser

Thank you....


BeadedTail said...

Great post Mel! I don't like those numbers either and hope through awareness and research those numbers are drastically decreased. I also hope one day breast cancer is gone forever.

myminimocs said...

fantastic blog Melana - i hope Etsy Angels October fundraiser is a huge success and that we can help to make a difference!!!

Amanda said...

Wonderful post. I too hate those two words. Thanks for giving some statistics.
Let's get lots of sales for October!

Ooh Leela! said...

Wow, great post Mel. Those numbers are so scary! I am so glad we are working together to help the statistics change. Very proud to be part of such a noble team. Go Angels!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Melana... this is great information but scary... all the more reason we need to raise lots of funds for the Beast Cancer Awareness campaign.